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  1. YUPI

  2. Really good, support helped me solve some issues.

  3. Works well with mythicmobs, modelengine 4, mcpets and itemsadder. I love how its made and its flawless.

  4. IMO the Pack is one of the most useful classes so far. It gives the player so much versatility by switching between the different Animals. This is not just simply a weapon since it grants multiple buffs and different mechanics which the player can adapt really smoothly in his gameplay (so it can also be seen as a tool in a survival gameplay environment).

  5. This pack is a must have for everyone who is thinking about having a support class on their server. The Skills are perfectly balanced and the visuals are just on point. The gameplay of the pack offers the player a lot of versatility, so they don’t rely on only supporting their mates.

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