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  1. The class is really well balanced and adds a well designed controls class to your server. The animations are very nice and are very high quality. Would 10/1ß recommend if your looking for a cc class with much utility.

  2. The animations look stunning and the concept ist very well thought. Also easy to balance the damage. Would recommend!

  3. Simple but really nice – a great detail to add for your players!

  4. Great Mobpack to add for a fantasy themed server. Easy customisable Stats – so you can balance them really good to your needs. The Animations are flawless. Would recommend!

  5. It wasn’t working at first because the config was a little bit outdated but the support team from their discord helped me a lot and made a few new versions of them. It’s now working like a charm ! I recommend

  6. Great pack!
    The first MOB I added to my game was the Brown Rat, and has been my test MOB until I got the “Training Dummy”.
    The skills that come with the MOBs really bring them to life.
    Would recommend!

  7. Love the training dummy!
    It has helped a lot with balancing weapons in my games.
    Its also a great practice target for players.

  8. Awesome Slimes!
    This pack is very good, comes with multiple different MOB types that add a variety to your game.
    Would 100% recommend all SamusDev stuff 🙂

  9. Having this pack along with all the pets gives you a magnificent plus, the truth is that it works perfect for my server and still works perfect in the latest versions of minecraft, I love all the samus packs.

  10. I love the line that all the mascots have followed, that they are cubic, I love the work of Samus and I love all the mascots he has presented.

  11. Hi, I love this package along with all the pets, the truth is that if I get to win the 10% coupon I would buy the next package of pets hahaha, I love all the work of Samus, it’s great and very creative.

  12. One of the most popular class in my server, my players loves it amazing support too!

  13. Really nice support class love it, support is great!

  14. Great class use to be a paladin in my server but then they released an official paladin class and I just combined the skills love these classes!!

  15. Its a pretty good class but needs some work like arrows needs to go thru players without that config some players may suffer a bit if there’s a ton of people lol but stills pretty cool love it

  16. Very unique class with a combined ice and fire mage skills love it.

  17. One of my favorite classes so far and great support!

  18. love the quality of every skill and support is great!

  19. Great skill pack, its just a drop to config and is ready for you to start working on balances and great support!

  20. A must-have if you own the classes!

  21. The fx are beautiful! Love it.

  22. Could not be happier that I found Samus’s work, all the classes are perfect.

  23. This Assasin class is very well made. Love the skills.

  24. Another great class! Keep up the great work.

  25. Fantastic work as always! I cant wait for the next class.

  26. Amazing models and perfect support cant ask for anything more for the price you pay its so well coded

  27. Yet another Amazing addition to my server. THIS IS 100% THE ESSENTIAL RPG PACK! Just about everything you could ask for to setup the best MMORPG experience! I honestly cannot wait for more products from Samus like this! Another great product and another hassle free experience! Thank you Samus!

  28. One of the best additions to my server! Samus provides some of the best content to make my server an amazing experience for players. The installation is extremely easy and was able to drag and drop with zero conflicts and everything works straight out of the box! Besides being the easiest pack I have installed the customer support is some of the best out there! 11/10

  29. Haven’t been more proud to say that this product is worth every penny. The models are phenomenal and just amazing. And the gameplay, don’t even get me started, it is just so much better than any mod i have played with. To summarise it, this should be in every mmo minecraft server.

  30. Those are really nice and helpful features! Set up some spawners for the ores, rocks and logs and now have a solid and fun base for players to get the resources without needing them to break actual blocks. It feels like a totally new system for getting resources which is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to modify with a bit of MythicMobs knowledge (for example it was no problem for me to change the breaking of the ores from being skill based to the players actually damaging the ore so I can work with pickaxe damage and cooldown)